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Zenkuro Junmai Daiginjo in wooden box

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Zenkuro Junmai Daiginjo 15% Alc

Zenkuro Junmai Daiginjo is crafted by hand using a unique combination of highly polished Yamadanishiki and Gohyakumangoku sake rice from Japan, and soft pure water from NZ’s Southern Alps.

It has expressive aromas of ripe peaches, nashi pear, kumquat and green melon. Strawberry, white nectarine and fennel notes are evident with a background of perfumed white lilies. Juicy kiwi fruit and pear sweep smoothly over the palate, barely disguising a backbone of minerality with a crisp, clean finish. Balance, light texture and a restrained elegance are the key elements.

Enjoy with your favourite food from the sea, lightly seared or raw such as, sashimi, ceviche or sushi. It will suit most shellfish and is perfect for the sweetness of scampi, or paua. This sake suits the spectrum of light meats like fish, chicken, veal or thinly sliced pork. It pairs beautifully with garden vegetables, Caesar salad, salad nicoise and green pea risotto. With cheese – a pairing with camembert, brie or mozzarella is recommended.

Serve chilled, 5 to 15 degrees C. At cooler temperatures you will experience more of the sake’s acidity and minerality, and when served at warmer temperatures the pear and peach fruitiness will open up. Enjoy the different approaches to this sensational sake. Complete satisfaction assured!


全黒純米大吟醸 アルコール度15%




5度~15度に冷やしてお楽しみください。温度が低いほど、酸味とミネラル感が強まり、温まってくると、洋ナシやピーチなどのフルーティーさが増してきます。 このお酒のいろいろな面を是非お楽しみください。