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Zenkuro Plum Sake  13.5% Alc

Limited seasonal release!

This is New Zealand’s first ever Plum Sake, handcrafted in Queenstown. Zenkuro Junmai sake has been infused with a perfect blend of locally grown Central Otago plums and manuka honey from Queenstown’s own honey producer, Tiny Fury @buzzstop.
Zenkuro Plum Sake is a delightfully refreshing drink that is sure to brighten your day. This seamless fusion of time-honoured traditional Japanese brewing methods, local passion and premium grade Kiwi ingredients is best enjoyed chilled, with family, friends and your favourite food.


ぷらむ酒 アルコール度13.5%

クイーンズタウンで手造りされたニュージーランド初のぷらむ酒です。全黒純米酒に地元のプラムを浸し、地元Tiny Fury (Buzz Stop)のマヌカハニーをヒントに加えました。このリフレッシュな味わいであなたの一日を明るくしてくれることでしょう。よく冷やしてお召し上がりください。

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