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Head Brewer David Joll is a “Certified Advanced Sake Professional” and has worked and studied alongside some of Japan's best brewers.

Our small brewing team works together with passion and pride, determined to craft sake that all of NZ can enjoy with their favourite food, and be proud to call its very own.

Aoraki Junmai Daiginjo 15% Alc

Crafted by hand using a unique combination of highly polished Yamadanishiki and Gohyakumangoku sake rice from Japan, and soft, pure brewing water from NZ ’s Southern Alps. With fruity aromas and flavours, and a crisp, clean finish, balance, light texture and restrained elegance are the key elements. Fresh seafood, light meats and fresh garden vegetables will all pair smoothly with this Super Premium Grade sake.

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Drip Pressed Shizuku Shibori Junmai Ginjo 14% Alc 

This sake is crafted using the most extravagant pressing method. The fermented mash is poured into bags, which are suspended from manuka poles to allow the sake to gently filter through the mesh, using gravity alone. While the yield is low, this is the most delicate style of sake. Our Drip Pressed Junmai Ginjo is light- bodied, clean & smooth with subtle fruit aromas and gentle umami. Food pairing suggestions are fresh seafood and salads, grilled fish, pasta, chicken, veal and pork with light sauces, and good old fish & chips.

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Wakatipu Sleeping Giant Junmai Ginjo 15% Alc 

The fermented mash is gently pressed in a traditional pressing tank using local rocks as weights for the press. Dry with medium body, balanced umami and gentle stone fruit aromas, this is definitely a sake to sit down with at the dinner table. The umami flavour components are a great match for the protein elements on your plate. Drink alongside familiar favourites such as grilled steak, barbequed meat, pizza, paella, hearty casserole, Asian stir-fried chicken, cheese, salami and rich pâté. Enjoy cold or warmed gently to suit the occasion.

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Zenkuro Original Tokubetsu Junmai 14% Alc 

Our twin pressing methods enable us to uniquely blend sake from both our drip press and rock press, giving us a smooth, semi-dry, light-medium bodied Tokubetsu Junmai. We have created a versatile sake with a gentle herbaceous nose. It pairs nicely with a wide range of Kiwi, European, Asian fusion and Japanese dishes.

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White Cloud Nigori Tokubetsu Junmai 14% Alc  

Crafted by lightly filtering the fermented moromi (mash) to leave behind just enough lees in the sake to create a creamy texture, and maintain its original white colour. Our Nigori is silky smooth, and slightly dry, making it an ideal pairing option for spicier dishes or fatty favourites such as pork belly or NZ lamb chops. Store in a cool place and serve chilled.

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Zenkuro Plum Sake 13.5% Alc 

We give back to the earth what we take away by feeding our local plum trees with our sake lees and use the autumn crop to infuse the sake with a blush of colour and fruit flavour. The sake is then balanced with a dash of local manuka honey to give a hint of sweetness and a refreshing drink that is sure to brighten your day.


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