Sake is distinct not only in flavour, but also provides numerous potential health advantages over other alcoholic beverages.

We are strong believers in moderate alcohol consumption, but you should know that
this is an alcohol that does not have some of the drawbacks that wine and beer are often criticised for. Our sake is made from steamed sake rice, koji rice, yeast and water. These are the only ingredients. No additives such as distilled alcohol, clarifying agents, preservatives or sweeteners are added. Our sake is low in acidity compared to wine, and it is gluten free. Sake is a fermented
beverage. It is not distilled, so it is not a spirit, with a typical alcohol content of around 14%-15%, very similar to wine.

Not surprisingly, sake has been extensively studied in Japan. Although we cannot comment on the validity of those studies, it is well documented that liver cancer rates are lower in Japan amongst people who drink sake moderately, on a daily basis.  Additionally, sake increases the uptake of good cholesterols which help the body break down bad cholesterols in our systems, reducing the risk of heart disease. And, there is little or no difference in the calories contained in sake, beer or wine.

Importantly, sake contains high levels of amino acids and nutrients that help the body repair skin cells and maintain skin elasticity. Sake and some of the by-products of the brewing process – pressed sake lees (sake-kasu) - are used in Japanese skin moisturizers and cosmetics.  Ever noticed how the Japanese look so young? There are many factors involved in this of course, but undoubtedly, sake is a part of the story!

Our last word on the subject is to check out the nation-by-nation league tables on average life spans around the world…..say no more!