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Space Dragon Junmai Ginjo ZENKURO x TAKAHIRoK

Space Dragon Junmai Ginjo ZENKURO x TAKAHIRoK

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Space Dragon Junmai Ginjo 14% Alc ~Barrel Aged NZ Sake~

This sake represents a unique collaboration, between David Joll, a New Zealand born sake brewer and his team in Queenstown, and Takahiro Koyama, a Japan born wine maker from Waipara. Combining Zenkuro’s passion for adhering to traditional Japanese sake brewing methods, and Takahiro’s NZ honed wine making skills, we have brewed a silky smooth Zenkuro-style sake, which has then been aged in French Oak previously used for Takahiro’s world renown Pinot Noir. 

The name “Space Dragon” comes from the Japanese characters used for Takahiro’s name – (space) and (dragon). A perfect name for this very special sake, released in 2024, the Year of the Dragon.

Limited edition, total of 360 bottles.

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