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Tokkuri & 2 Choko Set

Tokkuri & 2 Choko Set

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Introducing our Tokkuri & 2 Choko Set, a traditional Japanese ceramic set perfect for serving sake.

The Tokkuri, or sake pitcher, is crafted with intricate designs and a beautiful glaze finish. It holds up to 140ml of sake, making it perfect for small gatherings or intimate dinners. The two Choko, or sake cups, are also crafted and glazed to match the Tokkuri.

This set is not only perfect for serving sake, but it also makes a great addition to any collection of traditional Japanese ceramics. The sets are unique and made for us by skilled artisans in the mountains of Gifu prefecture in Japan. It's also a great gift for any sake lover in your life.

Experience the traditional Japanese way of serving sake with our Tokkuri & 2 Choko Set.

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